As alternative for animal experiments in the field of chemosensitivity analysis biohybrid systems can be used. Those systems are a combination of microsensors and biological tissue or cells. Reactions of a cell probe due to addition of a chemoactive drug can be monitored with the microsensors. The obtained data show the effectiveness of the used drug. The O2-FET - which will be described here - is one possibility to realize such a microsensor.

An important parameter for measurements with biological cells is the oxygen consumption. The change in cellular oxygen consumption after addition of a drug reflects the effectiveness of the drug. Similar is valid for the acidification of the micromilieu of the probe. Due to metabolism of the cells the environment of the probe gets acidificated. By measuring these acidification the metabolism rate of the cells can be determined. Both parameters can be measured with one single type of sensor, the so called O2-FET. For further development and for better understanding of the theoretical background the principle of the O2-FET shall be simulated with a personal computer. Here timedependend agitation and electrochemical procedures and a 3D geometry have to be implemented. Finally an optimized O2-FET shall be set-up. To do so adaptation of existing measurement device is necessary.