The shown results were also presented at the BMT 2005.

A description as a .PDF is shown here.

The presented poster as a .PDF file is shown here.

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It was tried to simulate mass transport with the second Fick's Law:

This equation describes mass transport due to diffusion. Only hydroxide was implemented.

The following chemical reaction was used as a basement for the simulation:

This reaction only takes place if a negative potential of -700mV is applied to the work electrode. The following slope of voltage was simulated.

A first result calculated the following slope of the pH - value in front of the sensor:

A real measurement is plotted here:

Similarities are clearly visible. So it is assumed that diffusion takes the dominating part of the mass transport at the O2-FET.

An AVI - version (18MB) of the simulation can be found here: (right click - save)